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  • Cylinder Connections

    Cylinder Connections (1311)

    GasFlo Products manufactures a complete line of cylinder connection components per multiple international standards including: Compressed Gas Association (CGA), British Standards Institution (BSI), Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN) and Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS). Inlet nipples are offered with a wide range of standard end connections and kitted with nuts and gaskets for your convenience. Special design features such as integral check valves, flow restrictor orifices and soft tip or o-ring options are also available. All components including cylinder valve outlet caps/plugs and adaptor s are offered in several materials to meet your application requirements.
  • Face Seal Fittings

    Face Seal Fittings (87)

    Face Seal Fittings
  • Manifolds

    Manifolds (1)

  • Pigtails

    Pigtails (1)

    GasFlo specializes in the fabrication of brass, stainless steel and exotic metal pigtails for filling, bulk/continuous supply and point of use applications. Utilizing superior tube bending technology and expert silver brazing, heli-arc welding and automatic tube welding processes, GFP provides both standard and customized designs for use in specialty gas and semiconductor applications.
  • Pipe Fittings

    Pipe Fittings (1)

    Pipe Fittings
  • Purge Assemblies

    Purge Assemblies (1)

    Purge Assemblies
  • Flow Restrictor Orifices

    Flow Restrictor Orifices (24)

    GasFlo Products is the leading manufacturer of cylinder valve outlet flow restrictor orifice assemblies in North America. Manufactured to meet specialty gas and ultra high purity applications; these precision machined components are available in many standard orifice sizes from .005” to .125”. Supplied as a threaded fitting to allow for replacement and size changeability, GFP orifice assemblies utilize a PCTFE seat insert to ensure a leak-tight seal. All RFO’s are electropolished, 100% inspected and laser marked for size identification.
  • Valves

    Valves (135)

    GasFlo Products manufactures a full line of valves for critical gas/fluid system applications with pressure ranges from vacuum to 3500 psig. Series design options include: manual and air operated packless valves, packed type needle valves, lecture bottle/specialty cylinder valves and check valves. A wide array of standard material and end connection choices are available. Custom materials, configurations, private label marking and packaging are available on request.
  • Specialty Items

    Specialty Items (1)

    Specialty Items
  • Gasflo Products

    Orbital Tube Weld Fittings (39)

  • Repair Kits

    Repair Kits (21)

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    Uncategorized (64)

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